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Step One - Create a TP Account

TrainingPeaks (TP) is the training software I use to host all of my coaching IP because it’s the best in the world. You’ll see 🤓.

After you create your account, you’ll get a lot of onboarding emails. Unfortunately, I apologise, but that’s how it goes with new software. 

Step Two - Link Our Accounts

Click the button to connect your TrainingPeaks account to my coaching account. Once I get notified, I’ll give you access to my training libraries. 

Note that this is a manual process, so it may take 24-48 hours for all plans to appear on your account. I’ve given you a seven-day free trial, so you won’t be charged until you definitely have access to everything 🤝.

Purchased Yearly? You get FREE course access

You’ll have more emails (yea, sorry) giving you access to my online course protal. Once you log in everything will be there for you to immediately dive in!


Want course access? Upgrade to a yearly plan now to save over $500!

Talk soon...

I’ll contact you via email over the coming days (and months) to ensure you’re all set up. Keep an eye on your emails and reach out if you need help!

All the best,

Dr Will

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