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About me

Dr Will O'Connor

My job is to make faster runners and more informed coaches

Known as “The Running Science Guy”, Dr Will O’Connor utilises his PhD in sports science and experience as an elite ultra-athlete to help athletes and everyday people realize their potential.

Whether you’re struggling to get out the door, or you need help setting a new personal best, Dr Will O’Connor can help you achieve your goals.
“Ultra-endurance requires an extreme level of preparation. Not only do you need to devote your life to training, but you also need to maintain a healthy balance with the rest of your life to avoid injury or burnout. Staying healthy while exercising countless hours means doing all the little things right. Understanding the human body allows me to tailor my training and advice to match the individual needs of the people I work with.”

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    Words from my Clients

    I came to Will because I had seen first-hand some big improvements under his coaching, in other athletes I knew - athletes who had already been high-achievers. I wanted to see what was possible if I moved from broad-stoke training, to one-on-one coaching. For me, I came at a time where I needed a coach who understood how to help someone post-surgery, and with personal ambitions that represented stretch-targets. After a relatively short time, I not only recovered without a set-back, but got stronger and faster - and was able to better every distance PB of the previous ten years on my way to completing my first 100 mile race. I'm someone with a full-time job and young family, and Will has always shown an interest in building my plans around that life. I've probably thrown more complexity at Will to work around than could ever be considered reasonable but I've felt he's always been fully invested. He's increased my confidence and helped me deliver results I'll be eternally proud of.

    Rich - Ultrarunner

    I've been training with Will for over a year now. Over the last year the improvements in my fitness and speed have been huge. I've made more progress than I could have hoped for and I've really enjoyed working with Will. He's super knowledgeable and I've got full trust in the plans he puts together for me. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking for some help with their training.

    Gareth - Road Runner

    Working with Will has given my training the direction and structure it was lacking, and my running has gone from strength to strength as a result.

    Ian - Ultrarunner

    I have worked with Will for a year, after deciding I wanted coaching to improve not only my running form but also my running knowledge. I also had goals in mind. To run a half marathon in sub 2 hrs , to run my first longer distance traverse and then my first ultra. Will quickly established a relationship with me and gained a real understanding of who I was. Training with him enabled me to achieve my first 2 goals so far. Will plans programs that are varied, do-able, fun and designed with your goal in mind. Will is personable and 'real'. I will continue to work with him in the future and highly recommend him to orher people.

    Emma - Trail Runner

    Will has been my running coach for coming up 2 years, through that time I have found him to be nothing but professional and approachable, I first made the decision to get a coach as I was spending a lot of time running and I wanted to make sure that time was been used wisely, he has now coached me successfully through numerous ultra marathons and always sets mini goals along the way to keep things interesting from 1500m to 10km event's and time trials, I'm continually setting PBs along the way. Its reassuring to know that every workout has a purpose and I always look forward to my next training block dropping in training peaks. I highly recommend Will to anyone looking for a coach or training plan.

    Gavin - Ultrarunner


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