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Weekly Metrics

TrainingPeaks gives you a summary of your weekly training metrics. This can be located on the right side of your calendar on the desktop or the home screen on the app. 

The most valuable metrics to look at when you’re planning and reviewing your training are TSS, ATL, CTL, TSB in that order.

TSS will show you your weekly training load. You can use this weekly TSS number as a guide for your weekly training load. 

ATL will show you your fatigue levels at the end of the week. If you’ve been feeling amazing, you can use your TSS and ATL numbers as benchmarks when you’re planning your training in the future.

CTL gives you an indication of your fitness. I don’t like this metric because I believe it causes more harm than good. Fitness is better measured by your performance. Nonetheless, CTL can be used to guide your future training. You can plan your training to be near or above your current CTL in a few weeks time. You can also aim to replicate your ATL and CTL metrics from past peak performances.

TSB is simply the inverse of ATL and therefore shows as form or freshness. 

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