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2x (8x 30/30) + 2km Threshold (Z4)

Warm-up 10-20min (Z1-Z2) 2x {8x 30 set 5km pace (Z5) – 30sec easy} 2min jog/walk between sets. 2km Threshold (Z4) Cool down (Z1-Z2)

A great all-around session to develop your aerobic and anaerobic capacity. The 30sec intervals allow you to run at speeds faster than your anaerobic threshold without the accumulation of lactate. Within each short rest period, you’re loading your myoglobin with oxygen ready to hit the next interval. The 2km interval at the end requires you to run at your anaerobic threshold on slightly fatigued legs. However, since most of your 30 intervals didn’t require an anaerobic contribution you should have enough gas in thank (anaerobic capacity) to complete the 2km. 

This session, when compared to 2x 2km or 4x 1km @ Z4/5 allows you to run at higher pace/power outputs with less anaerobic demand. 

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