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Base Phase One – The Starting Point

The starting point (Base Phase One). Base Phase One is a great starting point for any athlete at any time. Starting a new training plan, coming back from injury, or in need of some structure while you decide on your next move. You should use Base Phase One to determine how much training you can handle over four weeks. It may not look like much, but after four weeks, it’ll feel like twice as much!

The Three Points of Note

  1. Consistency. The goal of Base Phase One is to determine your base level of training. That is, how much training you can do every week. There are no awards for training hard just yet.
  2. Time trials. First and foremost,  you need to figure out where you are. A good starting point is to complete a time trial (TT) or threshold test to set the benchmark. Once you’ve got your starting point, you can use it to help monitor your progress.

3. Be conservative. You’re in Base Phase One because you’re starting a new training journey. That means there is a long road ahead. Aiming to train more than you’ve trained in the past or trying to progress too quickly will not end well. 

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