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Base Phase Three – Reinforcing the Foundation

Reinforcing the foundation (Base Phase Three). If you haven’t been training consistently for four or more weeks, you should start with Base Phase One. For those who have been training consistently for four or more weeks, make sure you can complete the minimum weekly training time listed below. If you haven’t been training at the minimum required time, try Base Phase One or Two. Within Base Phase Three, you’ll be working your aerobic engine in a big way. The aerobic energy system is the most dominant energy conversion system for anything over two minutes in duration. A study carried out by the University of Western Australia showed that males and females generate 60–70% of muscular contractile energy from aerobic metabolism for an 800 m run (approx. 2 min) and up to 86–94% for a 3000 m running race (9–11 min). And they are considered “short” events! That shows that regardless of your choice of endurance event, the aerobic energy system is the essential system that needs training.

The Three Points of Note

  1. Rest is best. Training is only effective if you can adapt to it. Training without adequate recovery is like filling the bath without a plug. You might be ok for a week or so, but you’ll soon find yourself reaching a plateau. Have confidence that resting will make you stronger.
  2. Sleep for the win. Base Phase Three is your opportunity to introduce positive habits. While you’re asleep, your body (and mind) rebuild. The more you sleep, the more you can rebuild. As a result, you’ll be able to train more and improve faster. An extra hour of sleep each night equals an additional nights sleep each week (7hrs).
  3. Improve your technique. The more efficient you are, the less energy you require to hold a given speed. Working on your technique can give you free speed. For ultra-athletes, it can mean you’re able to minimise the amount you need to slow down later in the event.

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