Zone 2 Low Heart Rate Running IS FASTER! How to do it the RIGHT WAY

🛑Stop ignoring your data ⌚, and start using that expensive wrist computer to optimise your running.


Heart Rate ❤️‍ running is the easiest way to build your base fitness. Are you using your heart rate monitor to its full potential? 🙄

Here’s a simple, four-step strategy for strategically using a heart rate monitor for your running.


1. Find your lactate threshold & set your training zones.

You’re likely using the default zones your watch gave you….. And they’re likely WRONG 🤦.

👉 Go run 30min hard, and take a lap at 10min, and the end. The average of the last 20min will be your threshold HR (and pace & power). (My zones calculator HERE)

👉 To hard basket? Use a REAL max HR from the last 6 months.


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2. Create a HR controlled training plan using training zones

Once you’ve set your threshold and zones, you can create an 80/20 training plan to build your aerobic base!

👉 Example: 80% of your running should be done in HR Zone 1 & 2. 20% can be hard Zone 4+.

90/10 is better for base building, but 80/20 ensures you don’t get bored while maximising your RECOVERY!

3. Add specificity with pace and power

Use the 20% hard running to maximise your training time and eliminate your weaknesses! HR gets a bit messy above threshold, so use pace or power for your “fast” intervals.

👉 Want to run a fast 5km? Target Zone 5+ workouts with plenty of SPEED

👉 Need to improve strength? Smash out some hill reps


👉 For example, I need to improve my threshold for an upcoming 10km, so I’ll target long (~1-3km) Zone 5 intervals and short (<2min) Zone 6 speed workouts.

4. Hold yourself accountable

That fancy watch on your wrist does more than upload to Strava 😲.

👉 Check your data after each run. Your easy aerobic runs should be 100% ZONE 1 – 2.

👉 DON’T use average heart rate. Just because your average heart rate was in zone 2 doesn’t mean you spent the whole run in zone 2.

👉 For example, you may have an average heart rate within zone 2, but you ran with a zone 3 heart rate on the uphills and a zone 1 heart rate on the downhills. THIS IS NOT maximising aerobic fitness. It’s nonspecific grey zone ❌.


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