Am I Running Too Slow?

I doubt it.

I can almost guarantee you are running too fast rather than too slow.

Everyone thinks that performance comes from hard workouts.

In reality, your best performances are predominantly dictated by your aerobic base. Not your ability to run 10x 1min fast.

Running longer than 60min requires the ability to utilise fats maximally, spare carbohydrates, and buffer the acidity of lactate production to maintain maximal running economy for the duration of the event. At no point are you required to run ‘fast’.

Because your aerobic system contributes 98% of the energy required for events lasting longer than 60min, your most significant potential to get faster lies in building your aerobic base.

The biggest mistake I see runners make is thinking they need to run fast to get fast.

This is why I built my ‘Reignite Your Running’ course. I want to give you my ABCS framework to become a consistently faster runner; Aerobic Base, Consistency, and Specificity. Combining those three fundamental components of endurance training gives you a personalised training sweet spot. Within the course, I give you the road map and the resources to train and race to your potential, so you can cross the finish line with a race you’re proud of. Stop wasting your entry fees, feeling like you could have done better.

Just this weekend, I had three guys running coming back from injury and sickness to run their best efforts across road, trail and ultramarathon. That is why I love my job and made this course, so you can stop banging your head against the wall and start making real progress in your running. Join before mid-December (2022), and I’ll personally onboard you and set you up with three months of training. Join HERE

I have a couple of questions for you…..

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Can you run a 1 km or 1 mile TT faster than your average pace for a 5km? YES!

Can you run 5 km faster than your average pace for a marathon? YES!

So why are you so determined to get “faster”?

If you can run a 5 km faster than your marathon pace, your speed isn’t the limiting factor in your performance. Your fitness is! That is, your ability to maintain your “speed” for durations longer than 60min. I’ll tell you what I’ve told many new clients….. You’re unfit. 🥺

Yes, you can run a hard 20km every weekend and smash out an interval set during the week. But when you race a half marathon, you go the same speed as your long runs or slower!

You’re not running slow enough!!! 🤨

I’ll say it again. Since your aerobic energy system contributes 98% of the energy required for events lasting 60min or more, your most significant potential to get faster lies in building your aerobic base.

Your aerobic energy system is the engine that powers your muscles during endurance exercise. Aerobic respiration occurs in the mitochondria (remember the powerhouse of the cell ⚡🧑‍🏫). The more mitochondria you have, the more energy you can utilise for muscular contractions to move faster for the same effort.

Source: Philp, A.M., Saner, N.J., Lazarou, M., Ganley, I.G. and Philp, A. (2021), The influence of aerobic exercise on mitochondrial quality control in skeletal muscle. J Physiol, 599: 3463-3476. https://doi.org/10.1113/JP279411

Anaerobic respiration, which generates lactate, occurs outside of the mitochondria. When your aerobic capacity is low, your muscular contraction level will also be low. Therefore, anytime you try to increase your level of muscular contractions, like running uphill, your heart rate will need to rise to deliver more oxygen and remove excess carbon dioxide (CO2) from anaerobic respiration. Therefore, when you run slightly too fast, you’re NOT training to develop maximal mitochondria, and you’re NOT building base fitness.

You’re training in THE GREY ZONE 😱

One-week challenge!!

You are not allowed to run faster than zone 2 for a whole week. I don’t care if you have to walk up hills or jog with the slower pack at your club run. I want to teach you how running slower (not faster) can benefit your running by targeting the EXACT physiological components needed to become a faster runner AND reduce the systemic stress on your body so you can feel great and enjoy your running MORE.

What’s my zone 2? Listen back to my past episode on training zones or jump on my website.

If you want direction in your running, start by stealing my formula for running mind-blowing PBs.

Until next time, happy running.
Dr Will


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