Fundamentals of Running with a Power Meter




Who is this course for?


  • Runners with an interest in monitoring their training beyond a simple weekly distance tally. This course isn’t purely running power, we also talk about how pace and heart rate work together with running power to give the best picture of your training.
  • Coaches – Running power is quickly becoming the new metric in running, and now with watch brands like Polar and Coros offering running power as a default metric. Runners are looking for coaches who can help them decipher this new data.
  • Runners who already have a running power meter and are looking for a comprehensive resource to help them understand how to use running power to analyze, plan, and execute better training plans.


Why You Need a Running Power Meter


Spending $200 on a piece of kit that isn’t shoes and isn’t a watch is an outrageous proposition to any runner. In fact, I recall being ridiculed for buying a GPS watch (Garmin 405) in 2010! Over the last decade, runners have accepted GPS devices and understood their true value – uploading to Strava and proving every race they do is a few hundred meters/yards long.

Joking aside, GPS and subsequently heart rate monitors have found their way onto the wrists of almost all runners and most, if not all, coaches have an understanding of how to effectively use both pace and heart rate to create faster runners. However, there are shortfalls associated with both pace and heart rate, and that is why power has been introduced to the running the marketplace.


What’s in the course? 


Module 1: Fundamentals of Running Power

What is power and how does it correlate to effort, pace, and heart rate. We break down what power is, how it’s measured, and introduce popular and powerful metrics in TrainingPeaks.


Module 2: Getting Started with Your Power Meter

Discover the most important tests you can do with your power meter to set your training zones and monitor your progress.


Module 3: Analyzing Performance and Implementing Change

Learn the simplest and most effective analysis so you don’t waste your time with irrelevant data.


More than just a course


Not only will you have three engaging modules delivered by industry-leading professionals, but you’ll also get access to some of our most popular workouts, training plans, and unpublished work. There are three separate modules and you get lifetime access to on-demand resources. Interactive quizes and videos ensure you are getting all the info you need. You finish the course with a graduation certificate!


Pre-Order at a serious discount now to gain access to your course on March 1st 2021


Who are your presenters?


This course is hosted by Dr Will O’Connor from the Endurance Training Hub with support from Dr Matt Miller. Dr Will is an elite ultramarathon runner and an expert in endurance exercise physiology and ketogenic nutrition. Dr Will was one of the first running coaches to adopt power meters and is a leader on the topic. He is a TrainingPeaks coach educator and has worked with top athletes in endurance sports. Learn more about Dr Will here.

Additional information

Additional information

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Running Power Only, Sports Science Masterclass + Running Power, Running Power + MTB Power, All Three Courses

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