Run – Walk Training Bundle




Get your run-walk dialled with the ultimate run-walk training bundle.

Even if you’re not planning to try a run-walk marathon, you’ll find heaps of inspiration from the unique marathon workouts I’ve designed.


I’ve developed my run-walk marathon method 12-week training plans over many years of testing and feedback. What I’ve settled on is a bespoke combination of targeted marathon-intensity running (zone 3), VO2max development, and sustained aerobic development. All of which are built on the fundamentals of my one-and-only run-walk method.


Each plan is built with a three weeks ‘on’ – one week ‘off’ macrocycle. The ‘off’ week only has one quality session (two for the 6+ days/wk). Each week has a ‘bonus run’ for those that want to step from the minimum number of days. You can remove or ignore the ‘bonus run’. Either way, you’ll still be getting the most effective sessions each week.


Within the bundle, you’ll get immediate access to the PDFs and webinar. Within each PDF training plan is an exclusive code to access your 12-week training plan on TrainingPeaks for free (normally $59usd each).

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